May 15, 2013

Game of the Porcelain Thrones

OBVIOUSLY I would be writing a post like this...right?

Seeing as how hubby and I just purchased our first home, I was really 'turned on' by a pitch I received from, the leading online-only home improvement retailer. Since we're redoing our bathrooms before we move in, I've actually been doing a lot of research on toilet bowls, believe it or not. I couldn't help but laugh when I received information about the site's toilet sales and just bathroom remodeling information in general!

Here are some of the fun facts I thought I'd share. I hope you're ready to take a whiff of what is about to drop:

  • New York ranked #1 in's Frequent Flushers List, making 12.8% of toilet and toilet part sales.

  • December was the least popular month nationwide for buying toilet and toilet parts, while October was the most popular month. (I don't get it, no one wants a new toilet for Christmas?)

  • In 2012, the site had over 32, 578 toilets purchased. Is that not insane?

The site is FULL of awesome stuff for the home - from decor to lighting to furniture! Check it out.