May 15, 2013

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention: May 15

You people made me laugh today

This guy just cut in front of me in line at Starbucks, but I'm not even mad because he's wearing cargo shorts. He has enough problems.

I can lend you a pen
I can lend you a pen

Confirmed: OldSpice attracts pretty much everyone. Lots of "What's are you wearing?!," followed by drool lately.

you guys, it's been six years since I've had a triscuit, a cheez-it, or a krispy kreme donut. so basically, nabisco, kellogg's, and krispy kreme - get on the gluten free bandwagon, pretty pretty please. all the cool kids are doing it.

I'm just going to assume Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of Gatsby cures cancer. That's the only reason that could explain this level of coverage

You eat kale and wear Tory Burch? How cutting edge.

Want to be sure I mark my calendar - does anyone know when the ceremony will be held to anoint Angelina into sainthood?

Please STOP with the game requests already. I'm for serious. Knock. It. Off.

Trying to figure out what season it is.

Crazy ass thunder going on outside. My hair got home just in time.

Like last year's Pulitzer Prize for fiction, the winner of 'American Idol' should be NOBODY.

If you didn't like Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby, you'd HATE Baz Luhrmann's Catcher In The Rye