May 6, 2013

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

You people made me laugh today:
You guys, I feel like someone should check on Ruben Studdard.

There's a priest sitting near me in the El Al lounge. I suddenly feel awesome. LIke all possible bases are covered.

I made up a word today as I was texting with my sister about something that really pissed me off: a trant. Text Rant.

tragedy + time = comedy but chickpeas + thyme = a probably interesting hummus flavor you haven't considered

You know you're in an LA office birthday party when people are slicing the cupcakes.

Amanda Bynes tweeted that she recently got a nose job. Apparently there wasn't enough room in her old nose for all the cocaine.

Welp, I just paid $16.15 for two packages of limited edition Birthday Cake Oreos to be shipped to me via Amazon Prime. Congratulate me; I have become a first world problem.

A kindergartner brought this to share in art today #notafake #keithharing #nbd