June 2, 2013

Best of Teresa Guidice Quotes: Episode 1 Season 5

Real Housewives of New Jersey started tonight and I can't wait for the shit show to start! Truth be told, the scenes for this season were better than the premiere show itself. Luckily, Princesses: Long Island, was on TV afterwards and the characters Jeff an Ashlee made up for it.  This show is INCREDIBLE.

Anyway, let's get into the real reason you're here - the best Teresa quotes from tonight's episode:

"I definitely would have drownded."

"Hurricane Sandy has brought a lot of opportunity for the economy." 

"People who lost everything need beautiful and glamorous clothes and shoes."

"We're all just dust in the air"

Quote of the night goes to Jackie "I'm so sick of hearing about Gorga Giudice drama. It's right up there on my priority list with the bleaching my asshole."

See you next week!