July 15, 2013

Leopard Print N' Hot Wheels: Craziest Celebrity Cars

Pick up any tabloid, and at some point, you'll probably see Kylie Jenner's flashy Mercedes-Benz SUV or Justin Bieber's Lamborghini. While there is the occasional celeb driving used trucks from Craigslist (ahem, Robert Pattinson), most tend to stick with flashier options.

Of course, celebs are luckier than us, in that they can actually afford to purchase ridiculously expensive cars. After all, while you are struggling to come up with the big down payment on a used BMW lease, your favorite celeb is shelling out for a Bugatti — and still has some dough to spare! But sometimes, when you're working on making those payments for your modest car, it's fun to think about what could be.

The following are five of the craziest and most expensive cars owned by today's most popular celebrities:

1. Justin Bieber's Audi R8

In the three years since his sweet sixteen, Justin Bieber has developed quite the taste for expensive vehicles. Like many of his wealthy friends, the Biebs has decided to start up his very own car collection, which likely explains the presence of a new Biebermobile in the tabloids each week. Right now, Justin's favorite is an Audi R8 worth well over $100,000 that is decked out in leopard print! Being famous doesn't mean you have good taste.

2. Chris Brown's Lamborghini Gallardo

Like Justin Bieber, Chris Brown is a huge fan of Lamborghinis. He also happens to share the Biebs' love of awful paint jobs, transforming his Lambo into a life-sized Hot Wheels car. Detailed by the exclusive West Coast Customs, the Lamborghini has since made several appearances in Los Angeles — after all, it's impossible to remain discrete when you're driving your very own Hot Wheels car!

3. Kylie Jenner's Mercedes-Benz G Class SUV

Kylie Jenner's fancy new Mercedes-Benz SUV isn't nearly as flashy as  the rides of Brown or Bieber, seeing as it still possesses a reasonably classy paint job. What's really crazy is the fact that the young reality star bought the SUV at the age of fifteen, well before earning her driver's license. She hasn't yet had the opportunity to drive the SUV on her own, but has been chauffeured around in it by friend and fellow celebrity Lil' Twist.

4. Jerry Seinfeld's Porsches

One Porsche is not enough for super fan Jerry Seinfeld, which is why the comedian has invested in a vast collection that is thought to be the largest outside of Stuttgart's Porsche Museum. Estimated at more than $10 million, the Porsche collection is housed at a huge complex in Manhattan. It includes such gems as a 1955 550 Spyder (identical to the car James Dean so tragically crashed),  the first ever Porsche 911 and an incredibly rare 959. (4) Talk about a fancy car collection.

5. Kate Moss' Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

Over the years, supermodel Kate Moss has displayed a rather eclectic taste in automobiles, driving everything from an MG Midget to a London cab. But her most distinctive ride is that of the iconic Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, which she enjoys showing off while shopping and attending various luncheons. Fortunately, this was not the car Kate beat up in a 2001 crash that landed her in the hospital with a broken shoulder — that honor was bestowed upon the model's Range Rover.

Celebrities have their pick when it comes to luxury cars, but as is evidenced above, some choose better than others. You might not be able to afford Jerry Seinfeld's Porsches or Kylie Jenner's Mercedes SUV, but you can at least be thankful to have better taste than Justin Bieber and Chris Brown!

Creative Commons image by smaedli