July 22, 2013

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

You people made me laugh today:

There comes a time in every writer's day, when it is time to get dressed.

Cut to delivery room, when Kate Middleton's OB/GYN exclaims, "Crowning!" and the entire room erupts in laughter. ‪#‎RoyalBaby‬

This just in- George Zimmerman pulls family out of overturned vehicle after setting boobie trap to overturn vehicle.

Ahhh yes, there's that friendly reminder of my love/hate relationship with champagne.

Going to Target and purposefully not grabbing a cart because then you wouldn't end up spending $100 on the stuff you don't actually need... great idea? Not so much! Still spent the $100, but also pulled all my muscles and froze my fingers while dragging like 30 things around the store without the stupid cart. — atTarget.

Either a meteor or a bird just hit the roof of my car on highway....scariest thing EVER! WTF.

*yes I'm pulled over now, had to check damage.

Who eats a meatball sub on the 27 bus at 9:30 am? ‎#youregross

I love when you say Thank you to someone and their reply is "OK". How hard is it to say Your welcome?