March 24, 2009

Some Status Updates Are Worth A Mention - 43

  • Making my hubby a birthday dinner and cupcakes tonight. Because I love him... and cupcakes. Maybe one more than the other.
  • thinks that black socks make him fasteris figuring out the best way to fly from NYC to Chicago to LA and then back to NYC. I better have status on American after this!
  • Is glad his new neighbor is an EMT since apparently I have reached the point in life where I am yelling “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”
  • Dear Womankind, Please stop wearing leggings as pants. I don't want to look at it, neither does anyone else. Love, Sarah
  • The next person who tags an unflattering picture of me on newage hipster facebook is getting de-friended. Period.
  • realizes why so many of her friends move to LA ... this weather is incredible !!
  • ate a pint of ice cream last night... worth it? the jury's still out.
  • im afraid if i listen to november rain one more time i'll wind up on the rock of love bus...
  • hopes he wins mega millions tonight
  • wants to punch the stock market in the face
  • good cop, bass cop
  • Alpha team, this is Echo. All systems are go for Operation: Move My Ass to Fairfax. GO GO GO
  • is doin' a dollop of Daisy.
  • is in training class..soon I'll be flipping burgers..and that's when the big bucks start to come