March 27, 2009

Some Status Updates Are Worth A Mention - 46

  • dear friday, i love you. love, me.
  • always welcomes being woken by a good gang fight and gunshot outside his apt at 4:30am.
  • finds it somehow fitting that the night he gets home sober is the one in which manages to put his shirt on backwards and inside-out.
  • is amazed how many peers from high school have babies...
  • Seriously what's the story with ducks... all they do is poop on the ground so you can step in it, crap out of the sky on your windhsield, or slow down traffic....what's their purpose in life???
  • wonders if there is anything left that you CAN'T become a fan of on facebook. I'm just waiting for one of you to become a fan of genocide. Then I've seen it all.
  • is following the yellow brick road
  • is getting Rosetta Stoned.
  • That pilot Sully just cut me off in traffic, gave me the finger and said "LAND ON THIS...with your ass." Not cool man. Not cool at all.
  • just found out that there's a city called George in the state of Washington. That's awesome. I want to visit George, Washington.
  • what a great day, first im zlata's zingle of the day, and then i find out my brother is a famous hand model, check him out at
  • :Black ball point pens. Don't like them. Never have. There. I've said it. Phew, I feel better.
  • took the good, he took the bad, he took them both and then he had... a few things, for one i had the good, two the bad, and three the facts of life, the facts of life...
  • was Bar Mitzvahed 16 years ago today. Geez.