March 23, 2009

New Section: Zingle of the Day!

So here are my thoughts on Dating. Usually, you meet new people at bars and the like, judging whether or not it's going to go further than the familiar one night stand. Nine times out of 10, this doesn't happen. Sure, some people meet their significant others at bars, but the most successful matches come from a mutual friend. Don't you agree?

Well, that being said - I'm starting a new section: ZINGLE of the DAY. I'm going to post a Zlata-Original Questionnaire, along with the Zingle's photo. Those who are interested, can respond to me directly via email. If I think you'd hit it off (since I probably will know you both), I'll set it up!

Afterall, you don't need to be a millionaire to be a matchmaker.

Please send ALL ZINGLE Requests (in reply or to BE a Zingle) to