April 1, 2009

American Idol 8 - Top 9 Sends One Home

Paula's wearing a wig.

Their Ford Focus commercial was cute and I really think that Matt Giraud is hot.
Starting with a performance of "Don't Stop Believing," I won't stop believing that they are lipsynching! What gives? This is the second week in a row!
When they cut to the guy playing the guitar solo, I half expected it to be Randy Jackson. I mean, he was in Journey, right? I learned that THIS year. Does anyone else think it's fucking weird that Randy Jackson was in Journey?!? I'm into this performance. Blindy is just too funny to me. He's like off to the side playing the piano..."And now, here's Screech Powers, tickling the ivories..." Like CMON already! Anyway, I can't figure out if they're really singing.

Here we go with the results! ... Oh wait, we're about to look at a typical idol week. I want to live this life. They should have a spin-off show: The Real World: Idol. They are all so cute!! Matt Giraud, heart you. They are all so cute together! But a little annoying, nonetheless.
Ok, we're dimming the lights and Megan is the first to stand. She's so hot. Matt is next one up. He's so hot. Kris stands up and Allison makes a "wha????" face. The three of them have to go to the middle the stage. Adam, Lil Rounds and Allison stand up next. Wow, what is this fun little game you're playing Seacrest? Scott is up now (going to the right of the stage since he should have the least amount of walking) then Anoop and finally Gokey. One of the groups is the bottom three. Did America get it right? Let's analyze: they are completely random. There is no consistent bottom three-er. In the first group, I understand that Megan would be an obvious low-vote and quite possibly could accept Matt -- but Kris??? Then, we have Lil' Rounds who I want to bounce, but Adam and Allison?? Finally, there's Blindy, who needs da boot and Anoop I would even understand, but Gokey?? Am I making sense?


OK, we're back. Bringing down the lights - starting with Kris...he's safe! Ok, so does this mean the groups were pointless?? I'm so confused with that whole pony show. Matt is up now and he's so cute. Ryan Seacrest April Fool's'ed (how do you write that?) him! He's safe! Ok, so now I think the pony show was that one from each group is in the bottom. Ok, I think that's what's happening. WHY IS MEGAN CROWING over to the bottom stools?? You. are. weird. Lil Rounds is safe and so maybe Allison isn't?? Why yes, yes it is...she is in the bottom three and Adam Lambert is safe. Duh. Blindy needs to be in the bottom. It's obviously between Anoop and Blindy, since Seacrest calls Danny up first - and yes, he's safe. Scott and Anoop are left. DUDE, SCOTT NEEDS TO GO. Blindy, I'm BORED with you!!!!! However, you performed better than Anoop yesterday, tis true. Aaaand, it's Anoop in the bottom. Blindy is in it for another week. I like, CAN'T.

Lady Gaga is performing now...Ok, I must admit, I've never seen a picture of her. This is the first time I'm seeing what she looks like. I love this new rendition of Poker Face. If you recall my previous post, I think it's Carried My, Carried My.... She's weird, no? She was born in 1986!! From Yonkers, NY. (Wikipedia searching right now) Her success by starting as a song writer for Interscope Records and later on being discovered by Akon.

Megan Joy is a tool I think. If she carried herself differently, she'd have a completely image. Back from the commercial break, I'm pretty confident that Megan is going home and she knows it herself as well. Allison is about to sit down on the couch...yup. She's safe. Anoop and Megan go head to head. I'm not ready for Anoop to leave, really. Ok good, Megan is gone and Simon is being a really big douchebag to her. She's SO odd. And what's with the "Don't forget to caw?" -- obviously some inside joke -- something we'd know if there was The Real World: Idol. This performance is a disaster and she really COULD have had a chance if she chose different selection of songs. In any event, she should be a model and that's all. She's crying at every image of her son - aw, she's so cute.

SO here we are...next week, Top 8...who will be next?