April 6, 2009

Some Status Updates Are Worth A Mention - 52

  • is holding tryouts for a personal masseuse
  • my 4 year old is happy the Oreo's beat the Yankees, because they are good to eat
  • tivo died. i am watching tv live. i oficially feel like i am in serbia.
  • A dyslexic man walks into a bra....
  • There is absolutely nothing worse than studying for finals when the weather is nice ... except maybe blueballs ... but those go away pretty fast
  • After all the wrestling I watched yesterday I can't wait to see some real, genuine, authentic drama tonight when the Hills returns! What will LC talk about while hanging dresses on a clothes rack?????
  • Twitter is STUPID. Daily updates- fine. 5 minute updates- no, thank you. Get off the computer, please.
  • wants it all, and I want it now.
  • hello allergies. goodbye skin around my nose
  • wants Lady Ga Ga to know you don't hit in poker.
  • april showers piss me off
  • A day with the family yesterday made this weekend worth wild.
  • is going to see U2!!!!!!, are you going too? if so you are too. then you too know what its like to have U2 tickets.