April 7, 2009

As if I needed any more TV shows...

The CW (Channel 11 for the metropolitan area) will launch two new series this summer. I'm most likely going to watch them...otherwise I would waste my time telling you about them, right?
The first, Hitched or Ditched, debuts on May 26th at 9pm. It's a docu-series that focuses on couples in long-term relationships who, for whatever reason, have not yet gotten married. These couples have been nominated by a friend, who thinks it's time to shit or get off the pot. Drama.

Next up: Blonde Charity Mafia. I mean, doesn't the NAME of the show just entice you?? It's also a docu-series that's set in Washington, DC. It follows the lives of the city's most influential 20-something "Alpha Girls" who run the DC social circuit from charity functions to society parties. Who knew there was such a scene in DC?? I will say that, if these "Alpha" girls are actually sorority alums, I'll be disappointed.

Do you remember when I told you about the new show coming to FOX, More To Love?
Well, it's time for casting!! Anyone out there interested? The show begins with one husky bachelor with a big heart, looking for love among a sea of confident and secure plus-size bachelorettes. The show is currently casting for both the bachelor and the bachelorettes, with numerous auditions being held around the country. To find out how to apply, where auditions will be held or to apply online, women should go to www.moretolovecasting.com; and guys please check out https://kasstinginc.com/applications/moretolove.php . I mean, don't think that I'm not thinking about doing this!!!

Finally, as far as TV Shows go, I'm uber-excited to watch American Idol tonight - not just because I'm clearly obsessed with the show, but because they're singing songs from the year they were born!! As I get older, the songs become more nostalgic.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what's up.