April 7, 2009

Some Status Updates Are Worth A Mention - 53

  • 9 strips today. Bacon makes me think there might just be a god. If there is, i should probably go pray that my 3x bypass goes well.
  • The new 92.3 has single handedly made me hate Lady GaGa
  • is terrible at keeping in touch. Seriously, she probably would've won an award, but forgot to respond to the email.
  • is continuing the job search. At this point I'll just take something to do during the day until I find a real job. Anyone need an extremely overqualified whatever?
  • If you aren't going all the way, why go at all?
  • just realized she's not sure what's she's supposed to be looking for in her big pile of papers.
  • Washed both cars earlier this week in order to insure rain. Mission accomplished.
  • just interviewed Peter Sarsgaard. He deeply scratched his crotch during our talk ... and then after we were done, he went to shake my hand. There was nothing to do but offer my hand in return.
  • Who puts on their make-up while standing on the train packed with people?!?!
  • has finally realized the down side of having collected so much stuff...it's that she's collected so much stuff.