April 12, 2009

Some Status Updates Are Worth A Mention...on the weekends

  • Easter Sunday at Lysa's. You don't want to know where she hid the eggs.
  • RIP Jesus H. Christ. See you Sunday!!!!
  • can't remember his name but CNN political analyst is on my 1 train, wearing clothes that doesn't match.
  • today we celebrate the birth of the easter bunny. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, thanks for stocking the shelves with peeps and cadbury cream eggs....you rock!
  • Wants to thank everyone who came out last night including patron, stoli o and sprite, mr. Soco lime, miss lemon drop, etc.
  • is eating peanut M&Ms for breakfast. EASTER peanut M&M's so that makes it ok. Happy Easter, everyone!
  • done his taxes on time and all by hisself, which is prolly the most growns-uped thing he's ever did!
  • That's it! So now you could become a fan of facebook......on facebook. The end is near. Oh, and happy Easter.
  • not ashamed to say I am so excited for the housewives of new jerseyyy
  • is laughing because her roommate just asked her, "what do hipsters wear in the summer?"
  • Dear Mother Nature - the monsoon this morning? SO not cool. XOXO Colleen
  • is astounded @ the vast amounts of obese people in airports.
  • Dear In N Out... How dare you be closed on Easter. Some people gave you up for lent and were looking forward to a carnivorous Easter brunch. Been a long 40 days. Make that 41 now.
  • Seriously can tv make NJ look any worse!?! Housewives of NJ, come one!?!