June 5, 2009

Candor with Alexander

Dear Alexander,
I've been seeing this guy for a couple of months. He is very sketchy and I cannot read him to save my life. I feel as if he isn't interested in me although he says different. To me, it's all talk because he doesn't practice what he preaches. Every time I want to hang out it seems impossible but I continue to see him or at least try because I actually do like this guy even though he blows me off. I'm getting the sign that he's "Just Not That Into Me" Should I leave it alone or keep trying??

--Tired of Mixed Signals

Dear Tired of Mixed Signals:
He's just not interested - the idea of committing to one relationship. Men DO NOT play hard to get, trust me. When he breaks plans with you, he's either hanging out with his friends, girls or both. He offers just enough attention - and he knows exactly the minimum amount necessary to keep you hanging on by a thread and waiting for that random text.

Look, you sound like a sweet girl; ditch the loser. Become a ZINGLE. Let it be too late for him when he decides to give you the devotion you deserve. Don't empower him by taking him back. You'll only be flying right into his "Penis Guy Trap." (Zlata gives Alexander TWO thumbs up for this one.)

We know exactly what we want and don't want. At the same time, we're willing to drag things out with women when we're not exactly sure IF we want it. Why? Just , because. Because it makes us feel more in control, because it allows us to keep our options open, because we're afraid that if we commit to one GOOD thing now, something GREAT may come along later.

Now, cut your losses and go get YOUR great! You deserve it.

‘Till next time,
100 and Counting...