June 5, 2009


I'm a huge fan of shopping, but sometimes, when I'm shopping online for specific items, it's really just hard to stay organized and find exactly what I'm looking for. Enter: ShopWiki. It's a search engine that's designed to help you shop!

A seller or retailer lists their products, so the customer can find it easily...and I'm not talking about off the wall retailers -- this is legit. Since it's all done for free, the retailer can sell their product at a lower price. Think of it like Froogle and Yahoo shopping, but with MORE results and more information for your desired products.

The search engine crawls over 200,000 online stores and literally will turn up results for anything you can think of. There's a price slider for your benefit, many products even offer customer reviews and there is even a color wheel feature for categorizing products/genres.

So, for one-stop shopping, visit ShopWiki!