June 6, 2009

Lesson in PR, Carol Alt and Family Guy

family guy 100 yearsAfter being in the PR field for so long, I've learned to see a lot of things differently. For instance, before PR, I never realized that we (we being PR professionals) are the reason there are products featured on a morning show segment. I didn't realize that the news was "pitched." I genuinely thought there was someone hired on the network side to find all these hidden treasures. But alas, I was wrong. What a naive youngster. Come to find out, a Breville Espresso Machine's appearance in an episode of Entourage, was due in part to specialists in product placement.
After succeeding in placing a story, product, etc. - it's our job to tackle measurement. If ABSOLUT 100 is featured in a 50 Cent/Justin Timberake video for "AYO Technology," how many people actually saw it? Where did they see it? How many people go to the source a day? All these things (and more) are taken into consideration when figuring out impression numbers.
So, after being in this industry so long, I often "think" like one - at times that aren't needed. I had such an experience about a week ago during an episode of Family Guy (I like to fall asleep to the show.) Basically, as you'll see below in the clip, they were making fun of Carol Alt on this particular episode. Almost like a reflex, I thought - Hmm, I wonder if Carol Alt has ever seen this - to know that she's been mentioned in an episode. Furthermore, I wonder if her publicist has ever uncovered it in her daily monoritoring --- just as I finished the thought -- well, to my astonishment -- my exact train of thoughts were ACTED OUT in the clip. Clearly, I was amazed by my psychic abilities (whatever you'd like to call them.) This is just a TRUE testament to Family Guy's amazing success, due in no small part to the writing. Seth MacFarlane REALLY hits the nail on the head by putting on screen what the viewer is thinking. So YEA - check out the below clip to know what I'm talking about...or maybe not. But still, it's a funny clip.