June 23, 2009

Get Prepped for NYC Prep (Bravo)

For those of you who are fans of Gossip Girl, NYC Prep's pathetic attempt at this "real" version is just classic...AND I CAN'T WAIT! I watched the preview for the show and I really just can't wait to get into the season. These are KIDS - like 15-years-old, living the life of Chuck Bass. Though, for the record, Little J is only 15 as well, somehow it's okay since I know it's just a TV show. HOWEVER, when I see that these tweens actually EXIST - are living and breathing humans - it's a whole new perspective on life for me.
Let's meet them, shall we?
Kelli: Female. 17-year-old, who shares an apartment on the Upper East Side with her brother. Where are the parents? Living in the Hamptons. Like, WHAT THE SHIT IS THAT? Who the EFF leaves their children to live alone at that age? I'm serious - isn't this some sort of child endangerment? Or, it doesn't count because they have dolla dolla billz?? Though she seems the most mature of the group, I envision some thangs going down, on account of her being sans-parental units all the time. She wants to be a singer and is currently interviewing voice coaches. Where's her mom? NOT THERE. Jill Zarin would NOT be okay with this. Just sayin'.

Sebastian: Male. matches the stereotype of what I think a "Sebastian" is like. Known as the guy who hooks up with all the girls, fluent in French, on several influential debate teams. During the preview show, he talks about how he isn't ready for a relationship, "I'm going to wait until I'm older to get married, like 25." Well, I guess for a 16-year-old, 25 is "old." I guarantee he won't be married until he's in his 30's.

Camille: Female. Thinks she's Blair Waldorf. Obsessed with scholastics. Wants a boyfriend, but is too picky.

PC: Male. Ambiguously gay (as far as I'm concerned.) Loves photography, fashion, money, sports, cars, the "high" life -- it's all he's ever known. He's 18-years-old, with college right around the corner - and could care less.

Jessie: Female. Not attractive. Thinks she's hot. Serena VanderWoodsen wanna-be. Wants to go to FIT to secure a successful career in Fashion. Throws lots of parties. Senior. Obvious crush on PC, because she doesn't know that he has yet to come out of the closet (with a potential for her to, as well.)

: Female. Sophomore. Public school, still hangs out with the Upper East Siders, extremely academically-focused, attends political rallies, STEPS dance lessons six days a week, bad at relationships