June 22, 2009

Can your Facebook Status update turn into a movie script?

I know you guys are fans of my "Facebook Status updates" posts -- but you could be thanking me down the road (I accept cash or personal checks.)

According to Gawker ...

Agents from Beverly Hills' United Talent Agency and literary shop Fletcher & Co. are shopping a book and film deal built around a Facebook update from Lisa Hamilton Day (pictured), a book exec at Dreamworks. Here it is verbatim, as published in an update last week:

"Lisa Hamilton Day's Pomeranian raided Chinese takeout bag overnight, opened and ate a fortune cookie. Her fortune: You have strong spiritual powers, and you should develop them."

This could become "a tween series about Charlotte, the Pomeranian, who uses her newfound superpowers to save her owner's home after said owner loses her job," per Publisher's Weekly. Laugh all you want, but Beverly Hills Chihuahua grossed $145 million.

Hey, UTA -- come check out my blog, I have TONS of status updates for you to choose from!