June 22, 2009

Some Status Update Are Worth A Mention - 68

  • Every time I hear Beyonce's "Single Ladies" I desperately wish I had written it.
  • question of the day: how long can you go without signing on to facebook? (answer truthfully!)
  • would like to order a job and a cinnamon pop tart please. toasted.
  • excuse me, weather.com -- you're full of shit.
  • doesn't understand why people say "that's so funny!" nonchalantly when something is funny, instead of just laughing! If something is THAT funny that it needs a declaration of its "funniness"- JUST LAUGH! (Exceptions: (a) saying it just before/after/as actually laughing, or (b) sarcasm- when whatever you're laughing at isn't funny at all.)
  • wants a $1 for everytime someone complains abt the rain or Mondays.
  • I've always wondered what it would be like to have a huge glass of iced tea dumped in my lap in a packed restaurant, and now I know. Thanks, Rolley. :)
  • couldn't believe all the confusion in harlem yesterday
  • likes the 40 million Americans who are dyslexic. To them, I just turned 23.
  • has celery stuck in her molar and a dentist visit no less than 1 hour away. who has floss at ketchum? :)
  • text message from my mom yesterday (and the first successful one she's ever sent me): hi megan. you look hot today.