June 7, 2009

Interesting thing about tattoos

I met a guy recently who had the country of Italy tattooed on his back, painted in with the colors of the flag - green, white, red. Clearly, from this, one can deduce that said boy's nationality is Italian, right? Duh. Well, there are plenty of people I know who have such tattoos. Shamrocks for Irish, Celtic kinds, Native American, etc. All of these tattoos usually denote the location to which the tattooed has loyalties to - and rightfully so. I mean, heritage is heritage, right?

But isn't it interesting that you won't really find anyone with the map of the USA tattooed on anyone? Sure, I'm not saying that there aren't any American patriotic tattooes -- I'm talking about just the country -- not as common as Italy-types, right? Probably because this country is a melting pot - which is part of the appeal of American - but still...just had Zlata Thoughts about it.

In an effort to not "hate" against any specific place of origin, I decided to go out and get my very own tattoo. What do you think?

Map Tattoo