June 17, 2009

Let Me Tell You Something About My Family...

We as thick as thieves... MAN, I LOVE Caroline! I think she's the shiznacky! What'd you all think of the season finale of New Jersey Housewives? I mean, I was into it - I thought it really closed the episode out nicely.
Theresa's house is gorgeous, obviously. I think it's a bit stoopit that she had a housewarming party for her unfinished house at a restaurant- no? In any event, COMPLETELY inappropriate of Danielle to bring the book to dinner - not sure what she thought she was going to accomplish aside from some drama, but that seems to be where she's most comfortable. I understand that she wanted to clear the air, and for that - I commend her. HOWEVER, it should have been on HER time and not on Theresa's.

I could care less who brought the book into which salon and who's taking the blame for whom. The point is - the family was wrong to dig it up - I do feel badly for Danielle, but she could have handled the several confrontations differently. Regardless, after three weeks of throwing up and having diarrhea - bitch looks good. Perhaps I should have my skeletons leaked.

Caroline is obviously the ringleader of the family, using the phrase "time out" several times during the altercation. Fact is, she was trying to cover Dina's ass and it's unnecessary. Grow a set, Dina. Jackie came to the rescue of Danielle, and rightfully so - she had had enough and is obviously the good egg of the family.

Theresa flipping the table was awesome. She's like "Hey, I just got bubbies and want to wreak havoc!" Her hubby is the bomb, too -- I love that he just kisses her to calm her down.

Till next week's reunion, bitches...