June 16, 2009

New Messenger for Blackberry

There's an update coming to BlackBerry Messenger with some really cool new features and changes.
They are as follows:
  • Avatar - you'll be able to set your own avatar that will be displayed by your name - for you and others to see on their buddy lists
  • GPS Location Integration - friends can now see your location, should you want to give them the option. Additionally, there will be a proximity sensor (if you share your location) so you can see how close those on your buddy list are to you.
  • Conversation Subjects - These will help you organize your convos on the main page with labels, so it will be easier to keep track
This new version of BlackBerry Messenger is coming soon, most likely with the upgrade of OS 5.0. Once I've used it, I'll be sure to give you some more of my thoughts.