June 11, 2009

Real Housewives of New Jersey

I love any and all "real" Housewives, but this season of New Jersey really just makes me warm and fuzzy inside. Theresa is by far my favorite character, even though the Facebook quiz on "Which New Jersey Housewife Are You?" pinned me as Caroline. I think the reason this state differs from all others is because it touches upon one general theme that wasn't really evident in any others: Family Values. Granted, I'd like to take Jill Zarin out of the equation here, because I really do think she's an AWESOME "Jewish Mother."
In the Real Housewives of New Jersey, each character is extremely concerned for their family's well-being. Caroline is really a mother-hen character, whipping her children in to shape where need be, but also being completely supportive (like when her son said he'd be open a high-end strip club.)
Theresa is a "walking Barbie doll" as Caroline describes, and is ALWAYS matching her three gorgeous daughters. Her family is my favorite!! She takes good care of her kids, although one could speculate that she completely spoils the shit out of them. Jacqueline is more of the simple, easy-going one of the group - and understands the importance of discipline, since she is not allowing her daughter Alexis to drive the brand new car Daddy bought for her. Dina is also a great mother, obviously missing her daughter while she visits her daddy in Greece. I'm sad Dina's husband Tommy isn't on the show, because I thorougly enjoyed the spectacle he made of himself on the couple's debut of their wedding show. Did you not see that? Get into it. But seriously, although Dina has crazy aspirations and goals of a successful wedding planning career, she plans to put it on hold, in order to spend more time with her daughter. FAMILY. VALUES. Then there's Danielle. Not much to say there -- she's sort of an exception. I think she exposes her children to too much - and they basically know she's a whore who would gladly give away her "goodies" if that meant an exchange for feeling secure. She's very CLEARLY unhappy with herself, extremely insecure - and even strives to appear closer with her children on the show, then I believe she is in real life.

And those are my thoughts.