June 18, 2009

Some Status Update Are Worth A Mention - 66

  • is thinking Mother may know best, since she told me it would not be a good summer to get a beach house ... referring to the Farmer's Almanac
  • may or may not clip his toenails later. i will check in to let you all know how that turns out
  • has counted 45 status messages about rain. Yeah, we get it. It sucks. So does rectal warts, and u don't see sears complaining.
  • If I had the power to turn water into wine, all this rain would not be a problem.
  • is building an ark. Who's coming in???
  • There's no point to fight it anymore, I'm going outside and making friends with this rain...Maybe then I will enjoy it's company!
  • Anyone else think NBC's Brian Williams is kinda handsome? I think i'm crushin... lol
  • the summer of 2009 has be canceled due to rain out...please check back in 2010
  • so glad i am flying tomorrow and just saw newsflash pilot died when plane was in the air...sweet
  • has an outdoor event tonight...with a band... YEY me!!! (picks up phone, dials... 212.555.TENT) "Hello...I need a..."
  • absolutely loved being woken up at 4:30 a.m. by a shirtless, barefoot neighbor she hasn't met pounding on her door complaining about his roof caving in and asking where her next-door neighbor was. No seriously, that was just simply awesome.
  • loves the sunshine! Isn't it awesome out?!