June 25, 2009

Some Status Update Are Worth A Mention - 70

  • is thinking, if you're gonna be newly single, Vegas is a good place to start.
  • is boycotting nj.com. Duke should have been a finalist in the graduation photo contest HANDS DOWN.
  • I really think that Zack Morris is the only person who can pull off a denim shirt with jeans! HA!
  • Hey there white boy -- yeah you, with the circa 1970’s boom box and the red and blue doo rag; uh huh, you… You know that blasting hip hop out of that thing at 7:30am does NOT make you a brother; not even close….
  • Has splitting headache this morning. Considering I had one beer last night what are the causes? Cyclone whiplash? The weather? Jon and Kate?
  • WHO let Nick Cannon host America's Got Talent?
  • just sat in front of the TV for 2 min trying to figure out why she can't understand anything they were saying, just to realize that the program is in German. Damn ear infection!
  • thinks Miley Cyrus songs are inappropiate at Flashdancers... but will get lap dances anyway.
  • can't wait to buy Regina Spektor's new album after work today! (YEA, FAIR LAWN!!!)
  • Annoucements of people being "single" on Facebook always reach a peak in the summer. Has anyone else noticed this?!
  • apparently you *can* get a speeding ticket in 2nd gear. This is news to me.
  • Seamless Web will be the end of me.