June 26, 2009

Some Status Update Are Worth A Mention - 71

  • Michael Jackson Watch - Day 1: Still no anthology released. Wondering if he's really dead.
  • is beating it.
  • There were signs CLEARLY labeled caution wet floor and I STILL FALL after my workout refilling my water bottle :(
  • Since Michael Jackson was 90% plastic he will be melted down into legos so children can play with him for a change
  • People.com reports my future hubby Josh Duhamel was seen and heard ordering an ABSOLUT & Red Bull at the W Los Angeles. Delish.
  • only in america can you grow up a poor black man and die a rich white woman.......R.I.P MIke
  • James Brown, Left Eye, Aaliyah and Michael Jackson all died on the 25th
  • is wearing her PYT shirt in honor of MJ.
  • is perfecting her already pretty awesome moonwalk in honor of MJ
  • all the stories about MJ and how he lived are just reinforcing my theory that celebrities are only as old/mature as they were the day they became famous. Imagine being 6 years old forever?!? So sad!
  • So we've just gone and entered the gross part of the summer, haven't we?
And a call out for the worst status message of the day:
  • found out that when Farrah Fawcett died she arrived at Heaven and requested all the children of the world be safe. God then killed Michael Jackson.