June 26, 2009

What did Danielle Staub do to the Manzo Family?

You'd have to be living under a rock to not know the latest news. No, not the trifecta - but the newest mystery to enter BravoLand: WHAT did Danielle Staub do to Caroline Manzo's family to have her react in such a way on the Reunion Part 2 last night???

According to Danielle's blog on BravoTV.com:
"As for the end of the Reunion, when Caroline said such horrible things to me, I had no idea at the time what "disgraceful" acts she was referring to. I only found out later what she was talking about, from someone in her own family. I simply gave a phone number to her ex brother-in-law to contact proper people with questions that he had concerning something that was absolutely none of my business. I was asked to give this information to him. If I had to do it again, I would have declined and preferred not to get involved. But I think my minimal involvement did not justify Caroline's behavior towards me."

To me, it seems like Danielle really wanted to "get" at Dina in some way, and got herself involved in something that clearly didn't have anything to do with her. Fine. But WHAT? Initially, one could assume that Danielle called the Don to put a hit on Dina -- but I think that's far-fetched, no? Perhaps she tried to seduce Dina's current husband (not featured on the show.) OMG -- Do you think that maybe Danielle made an agreement with the stylist at Chateau to ruin Dina's polished blonde hair? The speculation is endless!