June 30, 2009

Some Status Update Are Worth A Mention - 73

  • I can actually hear you getting fatter
  • has been up since 4:00 and just referred to 9:00 as "this afternoon"
  • only in N.NJ can you get to NYC & back using the choice of 10 major highways. AND the 1 you pick, has traffic, at 12am becuase Sonic is open on RT 17.
  • I wonder how many olympic size pools I could fill with the coffee I've drank since 7th grade...
  • Pazza Notte martinis are the devil.
  • is amazed that every guy on wall street looks exactly the same.
  • In my next life I'm coming back as a morning person.
  • Watched the insect version of Benjamin Button. People were pissed when it didn't end with Brad turning into a HUGE caterpillar.
  • i just got a slap bracelet sent to me in the mail. (a harry potter one for all those inquiring minds.) weren't those things banned from schools in the 90s?
  • just stepped out to grab a salad and officially hate anyone who has the summer off. And now, back to work. Inside.
  • loves the NYC subway!!! first, i stood next to a woman with a beard. then, i sat next to a woman with hairy legs! yummmmmyyyyy!!!!
  • wow, really? Michael Jackson is not the father of his kids??? Shocker, they are so dark