June 20, 2009

Some Status Updates are Worth A Mention - 67

  • ever posted on facebook, while taking a crap, using your cell phone?... me neither
  • Sitting in the seat next to Samuel L. Jackson on this motherfucking plane.
  • Every morning I wake up with a number of burning questions, about people I only kinda know. Whose kid didn't finsh their lunch? Who likes snow cones? Who slept on their arm last night? Whose boyfriend thinks Gossip Girl is stupid? Thank god for facebook!
  • knows why the caged bird sing.
  • just invented the term broverload. Tell everyone.
  • did anyone ever figure out how many licks it takes?
  • SUMMER 2009: Postponed due to Rain
  • I wake up at the same time every morning, so until I check my email I live with the fear that I'm in the movie groundhog's day.
  • Just landed in NYC. I've got to say, I'm a little disappointed that there were no in-flight snakes for Samuel L. to angrily slay.