June 22, 2009

Where are your tax dollars going?

Like many other people in the workforce, I enjoy some coffee in the morning. Lately, as a money-saving attempt, I've been fixing myself an iced-coffee from home, putting it into my handy Solo to-go cup and going on my merry way to the PATH train in the morning.
Well, today was a day like none other. Look, I understand the random searches by police officers (not really, but I'll at least give them that) but to stop me at the top of the stairs to tell me I can't bring a coffee on the train is UNACCEPTABLE. What if I had just paid five bucks at Starbucks??
I, of course, argued with the cop - asking him since when it was not okay to have a plastic cup of coffee on the train. With an expected attitude, he answered, "Since always - you can't drink, eat or smoke on the train."

With a scoff, I walked away and threw out my roommate's fresh-brewed coffee on ice. Look Copper, I'm not trying to tend bar and whip up onion rings on the PATH. I'm not tryin' to have a schmoke ana pancake - I'm trying to have a cup of coffee, like any normal red-blooded American. Are you SERIOUSLY employed to stand at the top of the PATH train entrance, directing people to throw out their drinks?!?
I'm just fuming mad - I don't get it. Maybe you should be more concerned with containing the influx of homeless. Perhaps you should be following people with dogs, making sure the owners curb them, so I don't I have to hopscotch-step around dog shit on a daily basis. But, do NOT deny me of coffee in the morning. DON'T.
Is this the work of new Mayor, Peter Cammarano?