June 1, 2009

YouMail - that's what's up.

As many of you may know, I really HATE listening to my voicemails. I went so far as to leave a greeting that said, "Hi, this is Zlata - I don't really listen to Voicemails, so please don't leave one. Thanks." -- but was told by numerous people that I'm being really rude. So I got rid of that and went back to simply ignoring Voicemails.
I mean, my thoughts on this are simple. My cell phone comes with caller ID. So, I see that you call. PLEASE don't leave a me a voicemail that says "hey, call me." -- because DUH -- I see I missed a call for you.
IN ANY EVENT, I've discovered something that is pure fabulosity. It's called YouMail and it's both computer and blackberry friendly. I know I already told you about SKYDECK, and although that's cool and all for noting your contacts and seeing who you talk to the most, YouMail is completely different.
After you setup your phone and configure it properly, you can set up your YouMail contact list through the webiste and can organize your contacts into groups. You then change your greeting, and can even have specific greetings for specific contacts. For instance, I would leave a greeting for Edward Romaine that says, "Dude, your voicemails suck. Please don't leave me any." Or, just have a generic one for everyone. If you hate the sound of your voice, YouMail has a really big collection of pre-recorded greetings.

When a message is waiting for you, you can receive notification via email, text or both. Also, if you're on blackberry, the icon will show you that you have a voicemail and you can just LISTEN to it right there - no need to dial anything or listen to that annoying lady telling you how many messages you have (Verizon woman.) Your voicemails are also saved on your personal account on the web as an mp3 file - which makes it easy to listen to, as well. You can even BLOG your recieved voicemails, which I'm really tempted to do - after receiving a REALLY AWESOME drunk message at 5:39am Saturday morning from an old date. But, I digress. You can also do some voice-to-text action but that costs a little bit of moolah.

Anyway, get it - it's the best!