June 1, 2009

FuneralZ and what not.

Look, I'm not a morbid person by any means, but the whole institution of funerals, gravesites and burials really intrigues me.
For starters, some people are weird:

The Egg shaped coffin was commissioned by a woman who wished to be cremated in the foetal position. Since the egg is also a symbol of birth and regeneration, it is a fitting vehicle to celebrate the passing of one generation to another. This coffin was made by using solid elm.

At Angels-Flight, you are cremated and your remains are then scattered within a beautiful fireworks display. Yea, for real. At sunset, your family and friends get to board a luxury yacht and be transported to a special service site. "As the moon and stars begin to appear, the music starts," says the website. Your family has a chance to say a few words - or there can be someone more formal to provide the service. Then, with the music still playing, fireworks containing your remains are shot up into the shy, where inevitably your cremains are forever scattered into the sea. Not a bad idea, actually.

Ashes to Gems allows you to use someone's cremations to make precious diamonds. There website claims :We are associated with a laboratory that uses a revolutionary process to make real diamonds from carbon derived from either ashes ('cremains') or hair and nails from a living loved-one, perhaps even a dead but sadly missed pet."

FuneralCast creators are just genius. Keeping up with the Jones's, they realize that it's not always possible to attend a funeral in person. Sometimes it's distance, other times it's illness - but whatever thereason, now you can watch a LIVE video stream of the funeral service on a secure page on the internet. If that doesn't completely put you in a depression, you'll have 30 more days to reply the funeral for an unlimited amount of times. Freaky? Maybe a little? Great idea? ABSOLUTELY.

Vidstone is pretty interesting, too. I'm not sure why anyone would get this - but it essentially can be placed on someone's resting place and a flat panel "tv" displays any 5-8 minute montage that you previously uploaded.

And that's all I have to say about that.