July 20, 2009

Beer Club and Sunday Fundays!

Hoboken Bar and Grill
So, I know I've touted Hoboken Bar and Grill before, but it just keeps getting better and better! It is hands down one of best Sunday Funday spots! Aside from its perfect people watching location on 3rd and Washington, it also has really tasty meals and ... get this - A BEER CLUB!

They have a ridiculous amount of beers on tap and in bottles. Once you sign up, you can keep track of every kind of beer you've tried - from Indian Pale Ales to Lights - to even a beer called ARROGANT BASTARD (one of my favorites!) Once you finish all 60 on the list, you get some neat prizes. I mean, it's just a great incentive to try all these brew-ha-ha's that you normally wouldn't.

Those are my thoughts on that. Thanks to Jay, Paul, Shev and Matt for a great time on Sunday!