July 20, 2009

NFL 2009 - who's excited?! - New Train Links Hoboken/NYC to Meadowlands

I have to say, I'm getting really amped for football season! My roommates and I were even talking about becoming part of a Fantasy League. I know I should be taking babysteps here, since my newfoundlove for football is a mere two years young, but alas - I REALLY think it would be fun to do it. So, like - I will.

But, that's not the news. Big news here is about a NEW train that will link this hotspot of Hoboken to the action in Meadowlands - just in time for the 2009 preseason. Today, Jon Corzine, New York Giants owner John Mara and other dignitaries cut the ribbon on a new train line that links Meadowlands to both Seacaucus and Hoboken. It opens this Sunday! This is good news for New Yorkers too, since they can get to Hoboken via the PATH train and badda bing bada boom, we're all watching the coin toss.

So in about 30 minutes, you can be at Giants Stadium - you know, if you have tickets to a game. I've never been to one in my lifetime and really want to go, but that's neither here nor there. Experts state that anywhere between 6,000 and 10,000 passengers are expected to use this train for each Giants and Jets game. I mean, those with claustrophia need not apply.