July 24, 2009

Date and Mate Plus 8

When you're in the dating scene and searching for a significant other, there are certain criteria that your potential paramour has to meet. I think it's normal to have expectations, especially since most of us are at the age when these suitors could possibly be "the one." That said, some people take into account aesthetic qualities such as height, weight, eye color, etc. Characteristics take on a role as well. Are they active? Driven? Ambitious? Wealthy? Have similar values?
These elements (and more) determine whether or not you feel compatible...and rightfully so. It's just the way things work.

Sometimes, there are things your wooer just cannot control. Baggage, for instance. Should they be unemployed at the moment, have an ex who's crazy, or parents who've passed away - there are just outside factors that "come with the package." Children can also be regarded as such. I mean let's be real - sometimes you don't want to date someone who already has a child or two. It's understandable.

Well.then....WHY THE HELL DO ALL THESE GIRLS WANT TO DATE JON GOSSELIN??? Can anyone explain this to me? Who in their right mind would want to date someone with eight kids - all of whom are like, sharing the same DNA? In the beginning, I felt bad for this Cat. But after seeing his obnoxious behavior, in regard to his family, he just makes me sick. He's gallivanting around St. Tropez with his ex-wife's plastic surgeon's daughter - yes, that's right - and he's "on a boat" with Ed Hardy designer? Like, you're too young to be going through a midlife crisis, d-bag. You're just officially the worst man on the planet...not to mention your life is PUBLIC.

Unreal. People be UN.Real.