July 23, 2009

Some Status Update Are Worth A Mention - 74

  • the game needs change and im the muthafuckin cashier
  • It's PR, not ER folks....you wanna take stress home with you, that's YOUR business....not mine cause I don't and I won't
  • Off to watch the news conference on the New Jersey web of corruption. AKA - another typical day in the Garden State
  • is on a quest to date jon gosselin so i can become a statistic. it seems like anyone can do it nowadays.
  • Dear Mayor of Hoboken: Not even a month between your inauguration and arrest by the FBI on corruption charges. Impressive, even by New Jersey standards. XOXO. Your residents.
  • is so over reps of z-list celebs who make stuff up just to complicate my life.
  • NJ's new motto should be: "We're from Jersey. We don't pump our gas...we pump our fists. In handcuffs."