August 2, 2009

Facebook: Stop Trying to be Twitter!

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I'm REALLY sick of Facebook trying to become more and more like Twitter. What's the matter, Facebook? You're not happy with your current pricetag of $10billion? Are you afraid little $589 million Twitter is going to to black horse your ass? Well, RELAX -- you're two different entities entirely. I mean, people who use Twitter share what it is that they're doing, promoting, watching, etc. at any given point. Facebook, however - has a much powerful role in social media. It actually provides an identity for someone. You can see where they work, what they're interested in - and pictures from last weekend (which is essential for stalking purposes.) That said, STOP making it harder and harder for people to follow the whereabouts of others. (Oh, please - don't tell me you don't partake in stalksycology!)

Since Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook, its concept was to divide people by networks: your town, your school, your company, etc. In 2006, Facebook launched the regional network feature in order to branch out beyond its university roots. Well, recently Facebook decided to remove it! Now, if you try to browse by a list of friends - the ability to filter by geographic region is now completely gone.