August 2, 2009

More to Love - Fat Bachelor...a liar???

As I said, More to Love on FOX (Tuesdays at 9pm) is a MUST-SEE! The new talk of the town, this show caters to the needs of those who are insecure in one respect or another. Perhaps for these girls it's their weight -- but everyone can find a sense of solace in this show.

Of course, there's the whole laugh factor, too. In fact, I couldn't stop laughing during the premiere episode this past Tuesday. The girl who jumped into the pool - fully dressed? Rewound and watched again. Same girl trying to get out of the pool in a very walrus-like fashion? Rewound and watched again. I was sort of hoping she'd clap her hands together and make some sounds. And how suave was Fat Bachelor with his "besos" skills for the blondie in the blue dress? Tsk, tsk Miss...put out too soon and you'll get cut -- which is exactly what happened.

But I digress -- this is about the Fat Bachelor, Luke Conley. During his intro interview, he claims he was overweight all his life and was never your typical "hottie." But now, has photos and an interview from his high school girlfriend to prove he lied.

According to his ex, Fat Bachelor was a Sexy Hunk and is lying about his battle with obesity.
"He was the tall, buff, football-playing boyfriend" and that her friends were "jealous" of their relationship."
And, she's posted pictures to prove it! Here they are!

[I removed the player]

I mean, look - I ain't hatin'. I think it's fine that he was hot before - people GET fat and that's what this show is about. Personally, I just can't believe that someone who used to be such a hunky football star in high school is not afraid of ridicule at his 10-year-reunion. Ya feelin' me???