August 12, 2009

Some Status Updates are Worth A Mention - 76

  • why do people hose down sidewalks in nyc every morning whilst im trying to walk on them to work? no im serious, its still filthy no matter what u do, and like who cares, its a sidewalk.
  • dear baby- I know I asked you to hang in there until after finals...but they have been over for a can come out now- love mommy.
  • I heard "Poison" by Bell Biv DeVoe twice tonight. At two different parties. Overplaying totally ruins the nostalgia.
  • thinks grooming for an interview is just as intense as prepping for a first date. Brows, hair straightening and a mud mask tonight.
  • Ok so I did my research and the LSAT test will cost me 118 dollars, the prep class will cost around 1300 dollars. I am officially announcing the Matthew Goes to Law School Foundation. Donations gladly accepted.
  • "I'm not stubborn, I'm just right." - Jessie on NYC Prep
  • My husbands life mysteriously parallels the real housewives...he grew up in NJ, went to college in ATL, and now lives in Southern Cali. Creepyyyy!
  • a tight strapped on white jacket in a padded room sounds divine right about now
  • thinks that More To Love may just be the most disturbing reality show I've ever watched!
  • is ready to hit some balls (on the tennis court that is)
  • update on the smoking hot brazilian ... bad news..he's only 19 :( ... good news he thought i was his age :)
  • Work, haircut, golf, gym, mall, karate, swimming, shower, midget tossing, then dinner with my lady.......................Why do people write this shit ? WHO THE HELL CARES ?!!!
  • Malibu Rum is bringing the "island" to the "hills" tonight as we launch our new limited edition bottle in partnership with Reef Check -- an event that can't be missed!
  • is sweatin like corky thatcher taking a comprehension test
  • I love your catepillars...ahem, do you get them to stay so still while they're coccooning?
  • If I actually take a minute to invite you to something, don't just decline without a reason... it's so rude and really bugs the shit out of me. I don't invite all of my friends to everything but if you get an invitation from me, you ar...e getting it for a reason and if I attach a note, I expect a response. Thanks.