September 1, 2009

Retail Therapy: Pet Peeves

You know what really annoys me when I'm shopping? Other people. Seriously. After work today, I decided to partake in some retail therapy. While moving my way through the racks, I experienced one of my biggest pet peeves. Ladies, you know when you're making your way down a rack - and someone else is in the same "aisle" as you? Occasionally, you successfully pass one another by a gentle "excuse me." Other times, it proves to be more difficult: hangers get stuck on other hangers; aisles are wayyyyy too narrow; you're both really fat; etc.

But you know what really chaps my ass? When ladies in the same aisle as you are like vultures over the clothes on the rack. Like, chill out you 5'8, 180-pound girl -- we're NOT the same size and judging by your outfit, we do NOT have the same taste in fashion. Chill the EFF out -- we're not reaching for the same top. Moreover, we're not at a Kleinfeld's sample sale. This isn't going to pan out to a scene in a movie where we're clawing over the same article of clothing. BACK UP.

Those are my thoughts.