September 27, 2009

Snaptu: A MUST-HAVE for Blackberry users

Snaptu ZlataThoughts
Sure, there's an app for just about everything on the iPhone. And let's be honest, if the iPhone was available on Verizon as well, just about everyone would have one. But alas, it's not -- and we Blackberry users are left to feel hatred for those "there's an app for that" commercials.

After spending some time in Blackberry's App World, I found some really interesting free programs. One in particular, Snaptu, is a MUST for all! It's FREE and offers you a collection of fun and useful applications all in one. From Facebook, Twitter, Newsfeeds, Movie Times and more -- all are available in this one program.

That said, download it here. Just put in your Blackberry's email address and get the OTA link sent to your cell. Customize. Have fun.