September 27, 2009

Thee you on the thee thaw Thindy

Erika Eleniak Zlata Thoughts
I always thought Cindy Brady was the cutest of the sisters on The Brady Bunch. In fact, I thought she was SO cute as a child, surely she would be just as beautiful as an adult.

For about ten years (going back to the Beverly Hillbillies movie,) I thought Erika Eleniak (pictured to the left) was the grown up version of Cindy Brady. I mean, don't you think that so?? Doesn't this chick look like who Cindy should have grown up to be? Am I crazy here?

Instead, I was shocked to do a little googlin' to find the BELOW monstrosity. I'm usually not too mean, but I'm really in shock that this cute litte girl is NOT the one I originally thought. I just can't.

Cindy Brady Now Zlata Thoughts