September 29, 2009

Some Facebook Status Updates are Worth a Mention - 81

The following Facebook Status updates made the cut for September 29, 2009

  • Cleaning my guitar for the first time...restringing nice...can't wait to put the G-string
  • My mom just received the highly coveted invite for a black card. She saw the envelope and thought she was getting invited to a party!
  • Catching up on two and a half know, there's no way to say that without sounding as gay as the holidays.
  • It's Tuesday... time to grab the knee pads, 6" heels and head out to pole class!
  • is 25 and just bought a book from the teen section in barnes and noble
  • My first status was going to be: what's better than coming home to a dog that misses you? then i stepped in his diarrhea...
  • wants to create the show: "So You Think You Can POLE Dance".....
  • would wish patrick swayze a happy birthday today, if he were still alive
  • hey i have an idea... why doesnt EVERYONE function w their heads up their asses today?!!? seriously did everyone OD on stupid pills today??!! Christ.