September 30, 2009

Some Facebook Status Updates are Worth a Mention - 82

The following Facebook Status updates made the cut for September 30, 2009:

  • Yeah I watch "Project Runway" and "Top Chef". I'll kick your ass too!
  • Sorry I've been MIA for weeks. Undergoing a major renovation in my coop that is causing much anxiety. According the groundhog, at least three more weeks of dust and confusion.
  • NEEDS to clean up her DVR-Melrose Place, Biggest Loser, Property Virgins, Real Housewives of Atlanta...where does a girl find the time?!
  • going for a run... 10 months of training should just speed right by...
  • You guys, watch my company's new show "Mercy" tonight on NBC! (OK, I get a dollar for every point we go up in the ratings.)
  • the best thing ever to happen to the world - huge quarts of Panera soup in Costco freezer sections
  • is about to commit in-flight infanticide.
  • thinks "invaluable" is a terribly misleading word.
  • I think the reason I sometimes found Jay Leno to be funny at 11:30 must have been because I was an hour and a half more tired by the time he came on.
  • is not concerned that Speidi aren't having sex ... they're doing the human race a favor
  • People's lack of knowledge on how to use MS Outlook will never cease to amaze me. Nor will anyone's lack of ability to communicate on a basic human common senese level but still manage to work in communications for a living. Downright BRUTAL.
  • Just received a press release from someone who in their signature listed their title as "self-pleasuring expert".
  • imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. is NOT me but an actual imposter! haha, evidently I've made quite an impact on some sorry poser. Apologies to Joe Davina for he fell victim to a fraudulent email or two.
  • So - US cell phones / blackberrys do not work in Cuba!!! and guess what - I still am getting on this flight!! good bye berry. won't miss u while I sip mojitos under the havana moon!
  • FYI: "your" = possessive / "you're" = you are / "its" = possessive / "it's" = it is. Learn it. Love it. Live it. PLEASE.
  • really remembers why im single everytime i hear about someones bf/gf bs.. holy drama people!!
  • just sliced my finger wide open cutting a freaking ice cream cake... says a lot about a professionally trained chef