September 30, 2009

TiVo Blackberry Application

I'm not saying I'm this crazy innovator - but again, I think of things that should be on the market and within a year BAM it's there. Granted, I'm sure it's in the works all along, but still - I'm happy in knowing my forward thinking is aligned with those of major innovative corporations.

tivo blackberry application

RIM and TiVo released a BlackBerry application dedicated to handle all your recordings on the go. I mean, of COURSE this is necessary! Being a huge TV-junkie, I get seriously upset when I forgot to set the DVR for a show I won't be home later in the evening to see. Granted, I don't have TiVo so this application does absolutely jack shit for me - BUT I will patiently wait for its presence on DVRs.

Some key features for you:

TiVo for BlackBerry smartphones is designed to allow BlackBerry smartphone users to perform the following tasks:

  • Browse television shows available on TiVo® service
  • Configure TiVo for BlackBerry smartphones to select from a list of available TiVo Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) wirelessly using the BlackBerry smartphone
  • Record television shows to be viewed at a later time
  • Set 1-Click recording options
  • Get a Seasons Pass™ to a television show
  • Search the programming guide based on show title, actor, director, keywords, and category
  • View recommended television shows based on current searches

Interested? Download the Blackberry Application Here.