September 21, 2009

Some Status Updates are Worth a Mention - 78

  • thinks the Optimum Online commercials have reached a new level of "irritating" and the tacky, off-que lip-syncing is brutal to watch.
  • I go food shopping tonight, carry about $80 worth of groceries up the 2 flights of stairs all in one trip, start putting them away, and the one bag i drop while doing so?? THE EGGS! (they survived tho)
  • Serena VW has to be one of my least favorite characters on GG. Why? Let me tell you, she is boring. She is one of those entitled girls in high school who just happens to be tall and blonde and have rich parents but in reality no one really likes because her jokes are bland. You know? Blair at least has some flair and thats what life is about, flair... Read More. You need that little umph to get people to want to text you at 3AM with gossip, HELLO. Serena is more like an after thought, an after dinner mint that you want at your party so that hot guy on the LAX team will come because you may just have a chance to kiss him after a keg stand.
  • wonders why some people do not use punctuation. How about some periods or commas people?????!!!!!
  • did someone just prank call me pretending to be from India, claiming to have found my phone number on the internet, and then proceeding to ask how to get an agent for a story he wants to write?....Or was it an ACTUAL guy from India, who found my phon...e number on the internet, and then proceeded to ask how to get an agent for a story he wants to write?
  • wants YOU!!!! (to clean his house)
  • If an intern falls in Manhattan can we still hear it?
  • The #5 Reason that Obama is on Letterman tonight? They told him Megan Fox would be there.
  • is at a grey goose party and I'm bored. (OBVIOUSLY - I mean, it's not ABSOLUT!)
  • Is fiddling with email, twitter, FB and whatnot at the PTA meeting. Parent of the year? I think so.
  • A Haiku:Oh Gentle Bosc Pear, Lay you down in my tummy, Soon you will be poop.
  • needs to buy herself a sense of direction
  • taking shots....of DayQuil.
  • What Would Peggy Olson Do?
  • nephew has requested a snake and a NY Yankees jersey for his birthday. Thinking the snake might be the less repulsive purchase.
  • while coffee & donuts custard might not be on the wedding dress diet, I don't regret a drop of it.
  • fyi to all of the old folks out there... getting butt naked in the gym locker room is soooo 1970's... and if you are going to get butt naked - don't try and start a convo with until you at least put your tighty whiteys back on
  • In case you were wondering, the exact length of time it took me to pull my head out of ass was 1 month and 2 days. It feels good to be back to normal.