September 22, 2009

You Have Really Nice ... TweetZ

  • @boburnham twitter is like a bad impressionist. 140 characters or less. all of which you've seen before
  • @katyperryI don't think my dad, the inventor of Toaster Strudel wouldn't appreciate that...
  • @BillyBushDisconcerting to read this from a 16yr old girl. Who chases a kid?RT @mileycyrus: Being a paparatzi is the most DISGUISTING job imaginable.
  • @GhostPantherRemember the chest bump? I really thought it would stick.
  • @DougBenson"Well kids, I'll tell you HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, but I'll start at a point that is a crazy amount of time before I met your mother."
  • @ChuyBravoi need an assistant to help me be ms chelseas assistant shes a lot of work
  • @mental_flossOne of the largest fruits on the planet, jackfruits can grow to weigh 100 pounds.
  • @JasonSalzWhy are people still buying bottled water? It's water. Surrounded by plastic that took as much oil to make & ship as what's in the bottle.
  • @parishiltonThe most effective strategy for successful living is really no strategy at all. Just be real, be honest, be authentic, be you.
  • @danecookI adopted a beautiful two year old chinese highway today. I'm a proud motorist! Pics in People, US & Asphalt Magazine soon.
  • @samantharonsonTwitter is great for waiting rooms, people with ADD, and th