September 22, 2009

Some Status Update Are Worth A Mention - 79

  • Hello Fall. You are my favorite season. Your sister Summer is on probation for the next year. Not so much as a tan line or sunburn this season.
  • Sirius XM peeps: Who is the man w/ the Hitler mustache that works in your office?! He scares me
  • is addicted to crack.... and by crack I mean my iPhone
  • THIS JUST IN! Healther Locklear is coming back to Melrose Place...starting in November
  • Oh shit. Just realized I'm dressed in orange & black from head to toe. I resemble a Puerto Rican pumpkin of sorts. Oh well.
  • “I wish I knew how to quit you---Facebook!” (Brokeback Mountain Facebook edition)
  • --goodbye summer. We barely knew you.
  • is slowly embracing the phrase, "you probably don't need so many of those...". As in "you probably don't need so many of those pairs of cuff links... or small leather boxes... or pairs of blue flatfront trousers... or small c...ollectible Simpsons characters... or watches... or wallets ... or pairs of gray athletic shoes... or pairs of cargo shorts ...or pairs of iPod earphones..."
  • We need to raise awareness about the adorable/deadly types of cancer candy cigarettes cause.
  • wonders if it's wrong that he gets a bacon craving every time someone brings up Swine Flu
  • Really stoked all my contacts and bbm friends are all partying in the toilet in the boy's bathroom at the Roosevelt Hotel... :( Feel free to be my friend again please :)
  • It's Tuesday. Do you know where your children will be tonight? (If you are my parents, the answer is "Yes... at pole dancing class." I can only imagine how proud they must be.)
  • Laying in bed sick as a pup for 3 days makes me wonder why there isn't a pill yet that automatically cures the common cold