September 23, 2009

Cymbalta Can Help

Every morning I wake up to the Today Show; excited to see what Matt, Meredith and Al have in store for me. All the pieces are usually uplifting and make me pumped to start my day. Then, there are the commercials, namely CYMBALTA.

Cymbalta is an SSRI drug used to treat depression and anxiety. If you've seen the commercial, you'll understand what I'm saying below. If not, here it is:

If you WEREN'T depressed before, you're depressed now. I don't know anyone who is "on" all the time. It's ridiculous. Of COURSE there are going to be moments in your life when you don't feel like going out, talking to people or putting a fake smile on your face. Those lapses in time are called "funks."

I'm not denying that depression exists. CLEARLY it's a struggle for many people. However, I think the messages in such commercials are too extreme. They make it so that anyone and everyone can relate -- and therefore think that perhaps they, too, are depressed -- ESPECIALLY if they're going through a rough patch in their lives at the time.

The point is, I don't need to see this commercial - especially in the morning - because now, guess what? I'm depressed.

And those are my thoughts.